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Julio Lugo Rivas
Ponce, Puerto Rico, 1978

julio lugo rivas


Painter born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, in November 21, 1978. From an early age he presented a big inclination for art, music and sciences. At the age of fifteen he began his formal studies in art at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Ponce. By the hands of the professors Andrés Rodríguez Santos, Francisco Garcia, Gloria Rivera and Jesus Ortiz, he obtained a strong basis in drawing, painting, etching and art appreciation to then give freedom to its disturbing creativity.

Later he began his university studies in the field of science, and in 1999 he finished a degree in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez Campus.
During this period he took art appreciation classes and at the same time, explored a new way to practice his art skills by making illustrative drawings of microorganisms for the Biology Laboratories. The utilization of the microscope in the investigations projects, captive his attention and gave start to his concern for expressing themes related to the “organic life” in his paintings. For the first time discovered the possibility of creating a link between their two greatest passions: the art and science.

The birth of their first child, when he was 19 years old, led him to formalize his scientific interest in the field of pharmacy. Always exercising his profession of artist, he succeeded to push financially his family and his career through the participation in various solo and group exhibitions in Puerto Rico. In 2002 he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the School of Pharmacy of the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus. His academic formation as a pharmacist brings new changes in his artistic proposal. New elements originating from the processes of illness and healing at a cell level turns his artistic investigation in a tireless search for the homeostasis that is translates in his painting as a search for balance and movement.

His passion for art and his interest in promoting the artistic movement of the southern area of Puerto Rico, motivated him to found in 2010 Platform 121, Inc., project of self-management that combines an artistic residency program and a platform of services that serve to support the development of new artistic proposals. Currently he is President of that institution and work full time his two careers, artist and pharmacist.



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